Psychological Training 

Simply Psychology Ltd is able to offer a variety of different training packages to suit your needs.

Dr Howells is currently delivering and developing packages in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), introducing the framework to other professionals. He is also delivering training in which he uses CBT principles to help people think about different emotional difficulties (e.g. fear, sadness etc.). Additionally he has been delivering training to help think about different life stages, specifically adolescence, from a psychological point of view. The latest training developments are around helping professionals think about how to work with people with interpersonal difficulties and think about their role in supporting these individuals.

All training is tailored to the specific group and can be developed in accordance with your particular wants. Dr Howells works with other professionals who could also be involved in delivering training packages. Please use the contact pages for further information.

Previous training programmes have been very well received; here is a selection of the feedback provided:

“It felt like CBT was put in context and helped to think about practical uses. Very good lecture!”

“This teaching was extremely useful and was very well taught. I appreciated Lawrence covering necessary topics and also checking areas we were specfically curious about”

“Great session – tailored to our needs”

“I like Lawrence’s teaching stye.”

“Brilliant teacher and great slides”